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Скачать Timothy M. Kusky - Encyclopedia of Earth Science (Repost) бесплатно

Timothy M. Kusky - Encyclopedia of Earth Science
Facts on File | 2004 | ISBN: 0816049734 | Pages: 510 | PDF | 13.21 MB

This new encyclopedia from the Facts On File Science Library offers approximately 700 alphabetically arranged entries ranging from one paragraph to a few pages and covering earth science subdisciplines (hydrology, oceanography, and so on) as well as concepts, theories and hypotheses, places, events, geological time periods, history, technology, and key individuals. Many entries have further-reading lists and cross-references. There are hundreds of black-and-white photos, drawings, charts, and maps. The illustrations are generally clear and detailed. Nineteen feature essays are scattered throughout the text. Two appendixes follow the entries, one containing a periodic table of elements, the other displaying a geologic time scale and other information.

Earth science includes weather, so there are many entries for weather terms. One of the feature essays is on tsunamis, an eerily timely topic. Several entries discuss how scientists are getting better at predicting such natural disasters as earthquakes, flash floods, avalanches, and hurricanes.

There are a few things to quibble about, causing varying levels of frustration. One omission is an entry in the text and the index for the term bedrock, which appears in at least two entries (Groundwater and Soils) as well as in the illustrations that accompany them. A glossary of basic terms might have been a useful addition for the nonexpert reader. However, the strengths of this work far outweigh any weaknesses. On the whole, this is a solid introduction for most high-school, academic, and public libraries.

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