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Скачать W. Davis Folsom, Rick Boulware - Encyclopedia of American Business (Repost) бесплатно

W. Davis Folsom, Rick Boulware - Encyclopedia of American Business
Facts on File | 2004 | ISBN: 0816046433 | Pages: 608 | PDF | 3.21 MB

Designed as a nuts-and-bolts guide to business jargon for students and nonspecialists, this work will help users understand the complex world of U.S. business, the largest economy in the world. Five general areas of business are covered: accounting, economics, finance, management, and marketing. Terms, concepts, laws, and institutions defined were drawn from two sources, the Wall Street Journal and "principles" texts used in introductory courses. Sample entries include Deming's 14 points, Interlocking directorate, National Industrial Recovery Act, Underground economy, and World Bank. Entries are short, generally a page or less. Many entries have one or two further reading suggestions, which are often very current and frequently refer readers to URLs. Entries often are followed by see also references, and see references from not-used topics to related or similar topics are frequent. The 80-plus contributors are librarians and academics involved in teaching business courses at colleges and universities.

A lengthy bibliography of current resources is provided after the alphabetical entries. A thorough, detailed index provides many additional access points and acts as a good acronym dictionary. Readers seeking to learn more about associations and federal acts will really benefit from the outstanding index and its cross-references. This encyclopedia presents up-to-date, solid, easy-to-understand information. High-school and college students, as well as interested laypersons, will find this title useful to expand their knowledge of the business world and business lexicon. Public libraries and academic general collections will want to add it to their collections.

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