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Скачать Atlas of Oral Implantology бесплатно

A. Norman Cranin, Michael Klein, Alan M. Simons, "Atlas of Oral Implantology"
Mosby | 1999-04-15 | ISBN: 155664552X | 489 pages | PDF | 159 MB

ATLAS OF ORAL IMPLANTOLOGY serves as a complete instructional manual for highlighting step-by-step details for the most current techniques of implantation. Learn how to choose patients, evaluate host sites, select implant types, place step by step, observe, diagnose incipient problems, institute remedial techniques, perform a wide variety of restorative modalities, and maintain and follow patients during the postoperative period. In addition to its 29 chapters, ATLAS OF ORAL IMPLANTOLOGY contains 13 appendices ranging from antibiotic prophylactic regimens to CAD-CAM computed tomography!

* Written by a highly-respected surgeon who provides the intellectual foundation necessary to support the clinical procedures demonstrated throughout the book. * Features vivid, full-color illustrations on high quality glossy paper for maximum clarity. * Includes a Diagnosis and Treatment Planning chapter which takes the reader through all requisite diagnostic stages. * Features a chapter on generic surgical technique for root forms to explain one set of instruments which may be used to insert virtually any implant of any size, design, or manufacturer. * Includes selection charts which describe available implants, abutments, attachments, and where they are manufactured. * Provides a comprehensive reading list with each chapter which leads the reader to information of a more academic nature. * Includes consent forms, information on preparation of metals for implantation, postoperative instructions, and much more in the comprehensive appendices.

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