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Скачать Webster’s Guide to Business Correspondence бесплатно

Webster’s Guide to Business Correspondence
Merriam-Webster | 1990 | ISBN: 0877790310 | 416 pages | Djvu | 16,2 MB

Incorporating much material from Webster's Secretarial Handbook (1984. 2d ed.) and Webster's Standard American Style Manual (1985), this new work focuses on style in business letters, forms of address, the mechanics of writing, grammar, tone, composition, correspondence with government agencies, and delivery methods. Up-to-date, clearly written, and well indexed, the guide includes more than 50 sample letters, but only one is a sales letter. The McGraw-Hill Handbook of Business Letters by Roy W. Poe (1983) and the Prentice-Hall Complete Secretarial Letter Book by Mary A. DeVries (1978) provide many more examples. Leonard Grundt, Nassau Community Coll. Lib., Garden City, N.Y

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