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Скачать Well-Posed Linear Systems (Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications) бесплатно

Well-Posed Linear Systems (Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications)

Olof Staffans, «Well-Posed Linear Systems (Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications)»
Cambridge University Press | ISBN: 0521825849 | 2005 | PDF | 794 pages | 10.17 MB

This main purpose of this book is to present the basic theory of well-posed linear systems in a form which makes it available to a larger audience, thereby opening up the possibility of applying it to a wider range of problems. Up to now the theory has existed in a distributed form, scattered between different
papers with different (and often noncompatible) notation. For many years this has forced authors in the field (myself included) to start each paper with a long background section to first bring the reader up to date with the existing theory. Hopefully, the existence of this monograph will make it possible to dispense with this in future.




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