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Скачать Handbook of Multisensor Data Fusion (Repost) бесплатно

Handbook of Multisensor Data Fusion

David L. Hall, James Llinas, «Handbook of Multisensor Data Fusion»
CRC Press | ISBN: 0849323797 | 2001 | PDF | 568 pages | 8.52 MB

Multisensor data fusion is an emerging technology with important applications in both the military and civilian sectors, such as target recognition, robotics, medical diagnostics, and "smart" buildings. It draws on techniques from wide-ranging disciplines, including artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, and statistical estimation. This handbook is an up-to-date, comprehensive resource for data fusion system designers and researchers. Top experts in the field lead readers from a basic introduction and survey of data fusion technology to advanced mathematics and theory and to some very practical advice for systems implementers.




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