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Скачать Medieval Art: A Topical Dictionary бесплатно

Leslie Ross, "Medieval Art: A Topical Dictionary"
Greenwood Press | 1996 | ISBN: 0313293295 | 320 pages | PDF | 1,2 MB

"Very similar in size and format, these dictionaries contain well-written alphabetical entries with a helpful system of cross references. Although no illustrations are included, most entries provide a citation to a randomly chosen pictorial example. Ross (art history, Dominican Coll.) covers early Christian and Byzantine topics under the rubric of medieval art. Following up on her Renaissance Art: A Topical Dictionary (Greenwood, 1987), Earls (art history, Univ. of Florida) tackles the 17th-century European style known as baroque. Both authors aim to help readers quickly comprehend the stories depicted and symbols used within the periods treated, not simply to identify artists and place names. Lists of artists and well-researched bibliographies add to the value of these works. Both would be excellent additions to any public, academic, or special art library's reference collection."
--Jennifer L.S. Moldwin, Detroit Inst. of Arts Lib.

“Since no other recent English-language reference materials limited to the art of the Middle Ages exist, this useful source fills a gap....The introduction consists of three well-written essays on the chronology, themes, and bibliography of the period....college or art reference collections...should include it in their reference sections.”–Choice

“Clearly written...providing subject backgrounds of works of art for art-history students who may need iconographical information...The information that Medieval Art...provide[s] on popular subjects and works of art...will be useful in museum, academic, and large public libraries where art-history material is in demand.”–Booklist/Reference Books Bulletin

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