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Скачать "Nolo’s Encyclopedia of Everyday Law" edited by Attorneys Shae Irving, Kathleen Michon and Beth McKenna бесплатно

"Nolo’s Encyclopedia of Everyday Law", edited by Attorneys Shae Irving, Kathleen Michon and Beth McKenna
Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Legal Questions, 4 ed.
Nolo | 2002 | ISBN: 087337830X | 536 pages | PDF | 5 Mb

Whether we like it or not, the law touches our personal lives in many ways each day.
This book provides answers to frequently asked questions about more than 100 subjects you might encounter in your personal life—topics that range from buying a house to getting a divorce, from paying your debts to starting and running a small business.

Think of this book as a desk reference - a little encyclopedia that unpacks the law and puts it in your hands in a language you can understand.
But remember that the law changes constantly as legislatures pass new laws and courts hand down their rulings. We will publish new, revised editions of this book periodically, but it will never be perfectly current. It’s always your responsibility to be sure a law is up to date before you rely on it.

We may not think much about the laws that affect us as we carry out simple tasks such as driving a car, making a telephone call or buying milk at the corner grocery store. But every now and again, we’re sure to need an answer to a common legal question that arises in the course of daily life...
Obviously, we can’t answer every question on a particular subject, but we’ve answered many common ones to get you started. Throughout each chapter, you’ll find resource boxes listing sources for more information about a particular subject.
In addition, for those of you who are computer savvy, each chapter contains a list of online sites that will help you learn more about a particular area of the law. Look for the “Online Help” icon as you read. And if you need more information about finding the law, The Legal Research Appendix contains a section that shows you how to do basic legal research - with a focus on searching the Internet.

1. Houses
2. Neighbors
З. Landlords and Tenants
4. Workplace Rights
5. Small Businesses
6. Patents
7. Copyrights
8. Trademarks
9. Vour Money
10. Cars and Driving
11. Travel
12. Wills and Estate Planning
13. Healthcare Directives and Powers of Attorney
14. Older Americans
15. Spouses and Partners
16. Parents and Children
17. Courts and Mediation
18. Criminal Law and Procedure

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