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Скачать "New Frontiers in Marine Tourism: Diving Experiences, Sustainability, Mangeo" by Brian Garrod, Stefan Gssling бесплатно

"New Frontiers in Marine Tourism: Diving Experiences, Sustainability, Mangeo" by Brian Garrod, Stefan Gossling
First edition
Elsevier Science | 2008 | ISBN: 0080453570 | 250 pages | PDF | 5 Mb

First book of its kind to address the rapidly growing area of diving tourism.
Contributions from academic experts in the field, it addresses hot issues such as environmental impacts, health and safety, eduaction, and economic factors and impacts. Brilliantly edited, it represents a coherent and cohesive collection of critically important issues in this area. That is the first attempt to describe and analyse this tourism sector comprehensively.

Diving tourism has seen such growth in the past decade that the World Tourism Organization suggests it will soon become as important as ski tourism. According to a WTO estimate, there are now 5-7 million active certified divers in the world. Despite its development as a mass tourism activity, its dynamic growth and great economic importance, particularly for island destinations in the tropics, surprisingly few scientific publications address this form of special-interest tourism.

The first part of the book is devoted to an overview of the dive sector, addressing different types of diving locations and their particular characteristics, the geographical distribution of dive locations, the origins of dive tourists, as well as the growth and economic significance of diving tourism in destinations worldwide.
In its second section, the book outlines different motivations and typologies of diving tourists, their learning behaviour, knowledge of marine environments, and their interaction with flora and fauna.
The third section focuses on diver satisfaction, attitudes and preferences, diver education and interpretation, compliance with regulations by divers and tour operators, environmental impacts, and aspects of risk and health, thus highlighting a variety of pressing topics related to the management of diving tourism.

Section I: Introduction
Section II: The Diving Tourism Experience
• 2. Market Segments and Tourist Typologies for Diving Tourism
• 3. Perceptions of and Interactions with Marine Environments: Diving Attractions from Great Whites to Pygmy Seahorses
Section III: Environmental, Economic and Social Impacts of Diving Tourism
• 4. Diving and Global Environmental Change: A Mauritius Case Study
• 5. Vulnerability of Marine Mammals to Diving Tourism Activities
• 6. Environmental Management and Education: The Case of PADI
Section IV: Management of Diving Tourism
• 7. Dive Tourism, Sustainable Tourism and Social Responsibility: A Growing Agenda
• 8. Diverting Pressure from Coral Reefs: Artificial Underwater Parks as a Means of Integrating Development and Reef Conservation
• 9. Attitudes to and Preferences of Divers towards Regulation
• 10. Interpretation and Environmental Education as Conservation Tools
• 11. Managing Risk in Tourist Diving: A Safety-Management Approach

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