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Скачать Encyclopedia of Products & Industries: Manufacturing (Repost) бесплатно

Encyclopedia of Products & Industries: Manufacturing

Patricia J. Bungert, «Encyclopedia of Products & Industries: Manufacturing»
Gale | ISBN: 1414429835 | 2007 | PDF | 1200 pages | 9.05 MB

Encyclopedia of Products & Industries—Manufacturing (EPIM) is a compilation of essays on 120 major product categories across the entire spectrum of U.S. manufacturing activity. The purpose of this publication is to provide product information in structured format to students and analysts. While the focus is on products, the industrial context in which they are made and distributed is also carefully detailed. The products covered in this work are presented in alphabetical order in two volumes. Essays are comprised of several standardized components so that important aspects of each product may be viewed from the same angles throughout the two volumes. This approach allows both similarities and differences between products to emerge. The rubrics used to organize the content are detailed below. Many essays feature graphical presentations for clarity; sales histories, product types, and market shares are typically charted. A bibliography follows each essay, and references to other closely linked topics in the Encyclopedia are provided in a See Also reference that follows the bibliography, where appropriate.




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