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Скачать Encyclopedia of Computational Chemistry, 5 Volume Set бесплатно

Paul von Ragu Schleyer, "Encyclopedia of Computational Chemistry, 5 Volume Set"
Wiley 1998 | ISBN-10: 047196588X | 3580 Pages | PDF | 353 MB

In its short (30 year) history, computational chemistry has become one of the mainstays of modern industrial and academic chemistry. Computer methods are used to solve chemical problems that would be intractable or even impossible via experimental methods. Today, computer chemistry is acknowledged to be a major subdivision of chemistry, e.g. in drug design, molecular models can be simulated to predict which are the active compounds and how they will "fit" the receptors in the brain in order to make them effective. The Encyclopedia of Computational Chemistry (ECC) provides the most modern, complete and authoritative reference work on the subject.

"The Encyclopedia of Computational Chemistry represents the most comprehensive effort yet to cover the field of computational chemistry in its full breadth. This effort has been successful in most points and the ECC is thus a must-have for all chemistry libraries".
Includes 500 complex illustrations in full color
Provides thorough cross referencing and Definition Entries (one paragraph dictionary articles)
Reference list contains not only traditional material, but also FTP and HTTP sites and similar entries to electronic sources
Contributions from more than 300 leading computational chemists

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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