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Скачать Notions and theorems of elementary formal logic бесплатно

Witold Pogorzelski, "Notions and theorems of elementary formal logic"
Warsaw University-Bialystok Branch | 1994 | ISBN: 8386423102 | 525 pages | Djvu | 20,8 MB

The aim of this dictionary is to give brief descriptions of the most important notions of formal logic and formulations of fundamental theorems of that discipline. It should present a net of logical notions as well as the most important properties of these notions, formulated in theorems.

The dictionary does not contain very specialized entries and generally it does not go beyond countable language and fundamental problems of logic, so it can be considered as a dictionary of elementary logic. It is not a catalogue of logical systems and it presents only these which, according to the author, carry some important intuitions, definitions and theorems.

Generally, only theorems, notions and theories which have some intuitive or philosophical sense have been chosen to be presented here.

Similarly to other publications of that type, the author assumed that the reader will have a smattering of a subject. The level of difficulty might be sometimes changed, but it should not be too excessive. On the other hand it is obvious that in a dictionary like this, it was not always possible to be very precise.

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