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Скачать "Production Operations Engineerings". Petroleum Engineering Handbook Vol. 4, Joe Dunn Clegg, Editor бесплатно

"Production Operations Engineerings". Petroleum Engineering Handbook Vol. 4, Joe Dunn Clegg, Editor
Society of Petroleum Engineers
Society of Petroleum Engineers | 2007 | ISBN: 1555631185 | 908 pages | PDF | 38 Mb

Production Operations Engineering, Vol. IV of the new Petroleum Engineering Handbook, is designed to replace the production engineering chapters found in the 1987 edition of the Handbook. There have been significant changes in technology and operating practices in the past 20 years, and these new chapters will bring you up to date in the areas of design, equipment selection, and operation procedures for most oil and gas wells.

The 16 chapters in this volume are divided into three groups.
The first section, on well completions, includes discussions of inflow and outflow performance; completion systems; tubing selection, design, and installation; perforating; and sand control. The next group of chapters deals with the problems caused by formation damage; topics include formation damage, matrix stimulation, hydraulic fracturing, and well production problems. The final chapters address the subject of artificial lift, a major concern for production engineers. Subjects mentioned include artificial lift selection, sucker-rod lift, gas lift, electrical submersible pumps, hydraulic pumping in oil wells, progressing cavity pumping systems, and plunger lift.

1 Infl ow and Outfl ow Performance - Michael L. Wiggins
2 Completion Systems - David Ruddock
3 Tubing Selection, Design, and Installation - Joe Dunn Clegg and Erich F. Klementich
4 Perforating - George E. King
5 Sand Control - W.L. Penberthy, Jr.
6 Formation Damage - Mukul M. Sharma
7 Matrix Acidizing - Harry O. McLeod
8 Hydraulic Fracturing - Stephen A. Holditch
9 Well Production Problems - Raymond Jasinski
10 Artifi cial Lift Systems - James F. Lea
11 Sucker-Rod Lift - Norman W. Hein, Jr.
12 Gas Lift - Herald W. Winkler and Jack R. Blann
13 Electrical Submersible Pumps - John Bearden
14 Hydraulic Pumping in Oil Wells - James Fretwell
15 Progressing Cavity Pumping Systems - Cam M. Matthews, Todd A. Zahacy, Francisco J.S. Alhanati, Paul Skoczylas, and Lonnie J. Dunn
16 Plunger Lift - Scott D. Listiak and Daniel H. Phillips
Author Index
Subject Index

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