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Скачать Velazquez Spanish and English Dictionary бесплатно

Mariano Velazquez De LA Cadena, Edward Gray, Juan L. Iribas, "Velazquez Spanish and English Dictionary"
Velazquez Pr | 2003 | ISBN: 1594950008 | 2016 pages | PDF | 85,1 MB

The newest edition brings the VELAZQUEZ dictionary into the 21st century. For almost 150 years this dictionary has been recognized throughout the world as the preeminent authority in bilingual Spanish/English dictionaries. More than 250,000 self-pronouncing entries make the VELAZQUEZ the most advanced reference book in its field. In addition to its modern scientific, technical, commercial, cultural, and political terms, it will now include new words related to the information and business industries. All entries are revised according to modern American standard usage (for English) and Latin American standard usage (for Spanish). The English-Spanish section will include a simulated pronunciation and also include a simulated international pronunciation. The Spanish-English section will include the Spanish pronunciation as it applied to the English language. All entries will begin with small case lettering and irregular verbs will be included and their tenses will have appropriate entries in the main text of the dictionary.

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