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Скачать Conway's All The World's Fighting Ships 1906-1921 бесплатно

Conway's All The World's Fighting Ships 1906-1921 (Conway's naval history after 1850) By Robert Gardiner, Randal Gray
Publisher: Conway Maritime Press Ltd 1986 | 416 Pages | ISBN: 0851772455 | PDF | 216 MB

This volume completes the Conway's All the World's Fighting Ships series, and with it the monumental task of describing all the major warships from the advent of the ironclad down to the present day. As with the rest of the series, the aim is three-fold: to provide a single manageable source of information on the warships of the period; to make that information as detailed, reliable and up-to-date as possible by the critical use of both new research and published material; to fill out the bare technical data, wherever possible, with notes on the rationale of the design, and to give an overview of the political and economic factors affecting the navies themselves.
The period runs from the introduction of the Dreadnought to the Washington Naval Treaty, which effectively called a halt to the post­war naval construction race, although the coverage is designed to dovetail exactly into the 1860-1905 and 1922-1946 volumes, so the commencement and finishing dates may vary slightly from section to section. Submarines as a type were omitted from the 1860—1905 vol­ume, so even those vessels built before 1906 are given a full class entry. As ever, the emphasis is on fighting ships, but compared with previous volumes there are fewer exclusions, and more space is devoted to riverine vessels and other small and often obscure craft. The vast number of auxiliary warships taken up during the Great War posed a significant problem, and in most cases no more than a nominal list has been possible, but preference was given to the lesser known vessels, and navies otherwise poorly represented in English-language publica­tions. This volume also contains more information on the careers of the ships and the naval actions of the period.


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