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Скачать "Physical Properties of Hydrocarbons" by Robert W. Gallant, Carl L. Yaws бесплатно

"Physical Properties of Hydrocarbons" by Robert W. Gallant, Carl L. Yaws
Volume 1 + 2
Gulf Professional Publishing | 1992 | ISBN: 0872016900 | 478 pages | PDF | 42 Mb

Providing the essential physical property data needed to design and operate oil refineries, petrochemical plants and gas processing facilities, covers the paraffinic hydrocarbons, halogenated hydrocarbons and several oxygenated hydrocarbons, such as alcohols, oxides and glycols.

Volume 1 : 1 ES Mirror • | • 1 RS Download

Volume 2 : 2 ES Mirror • | • 2 RS Download

Data on vapor pressure, heat of vaporization, density, surface tension, heat capacity, thermal conductivity, heat of formation and Gibb's free energy of formation are presented in graphical form for each compound. Wherever possible, data have been extended over a wide temperature range. Water solubility, lower explosion limit and upper explosion limit have been added to the tables to assist environmental and safety engineers. SI and metric units are used for all properties except vapor pressure. Temperatures are in centigrade and conversion tables are included.

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