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Скачать SAS Language Reference: Dictionary, Version 8 (3 Volume Set) бесплатно

SAS, "SAS Language Reference: Dictionary, Version 8 (3 Volume Set)"
STATS Publishing Inc | 2000-08 | ISBN: 1580254853 | 1244 pages | PDF | 3 MB

Here's your one source for reference entries for individual elements of the SAS language in an alphabetized, encyclopedia format. This title is intended for users with previous experience with the SAS System or who have at least an intermediate level of expertise with another programming language. Use this title for complete reference information for all non-operating-environment-specific features of the SAS language. In this context, "language" includes all features that are not procedures. SAS Language Reference: Concepts is a companion volume to this title, providing essential concepts for SAS System features, the DATA step, and SAS files. This title is available for purchase as a hardcopy or digital book, or in the SAS OnlineDoc CD-ROM with PDF files. The HTML version of SAS OnlineDoc CD-ROM is shipped free with Version 8.

Supports releases 8.00 and higher of SAS software.

Enjoy this great book! Brought to you by SMIRK


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