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Скачать International Handbook on Giftedness бесплатно

Larisa Shavinina, "International Handbook on Giftedness"
Springer | 2009-09 | ISBN: 1402061617 | 1542 pages | PDF | 13,3 MB

This Handbook is the most comprehensive account available on what giftedness is, how it is measured, how it develops, and how it affects individuals and societies. It analyzes, integrates, and presents research on giftedness that has not been considered elsewhere, discusses the latest advances in the fast-developing areas of practice, and introduces fresh ideas, which will galvanize the study of giftedness for the future.

"This definitive handbook will be a necessary reference for all in the gifted field." Robert Sternberg

"This is an ambitious book." Laurence Coleman

"This new Handbook provides a valuable complement to the existing literature." Nancy Robinson

"If giftedness and talent could be plotted on a large map, the International Handbook on Giftedness would show up as a vibrant collection of expeditions spreading out in all directions, passing through settled terrain and then reaching out into unexplored valleys and mountain ranges. It stretches the boundaries of our understanding." Don Ambrose

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