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Скачать "Dictionary of Environmental Economics" by Anil Markandya, Renat Perelet, Pamela Mason, Tim Taylor бесплатно

"Dictionary of Environmental Economics" by Anil Markandya, Renat Perelet, Pamela Mason, Tim Taylor
Earthscan Publications Ltd | 2002 | ISBN: 1853835293 | 208 pages | PDF | 7 Mb

This dictionary will be a useful resource for the reader in accessing the literature relating to environmental economics. Definitions are written so as to be comprehensible to the undergraduate or layman, whilst including the technical detail necessary to elucidate the key concepts.

Environmental economics as a discipline is expanding rapidly. With this expansion, an increasing vocabulary has been developed to explain various techniques and ideas within the subject area. As a consequence, the need for a dictionary to explain the terms used has arisen. This is the first fully comprehensive dictionary of environmental economics and key legal terms. Each expression of phrase is explained in nontechnical language, with references given to its use in the growing literature on the subject area.

The definitions provided in this dictionary aim to give the reader access to some of the more technical literature that has been produced, as well as a general overview of the main techniques in the subject area of environmental and resource economics.
For most entries, a reference is given. These references denote a source in which the term has been used to date in the literature, and can be accessed by the reader seeking further detail, using the bibliography provided. To aid the reader in his or her study of environmental economics, a list of commonly used abbreviations has been included. Where definitions refer to other entries, these are italicized. Further references to related entries not mentioned explicitly are given where appropriate.

Book include:
• Environmental instruments in policy making
• Techniques applied in environmental and natural resources economics
• Major issues in environmental economics and management
• Natural resource accounting
• Major international agreements

A list of commonly used acronyms is provided, as is a complete bibliography detailing all the major texts in the field. This will prove to be an essential tool for students and policy makers in all the fields connected to environmental economics.

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