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Скачать New Keywords: A Revised Vocabulary of Culture and Society (repost) бесплатно

Tony Bennett , Lawrence Grossberg , Meaghan Morris, "New Keywords: A Revised Vocabulary of Culture and Society"
Blackwell Publishing, Inc | 2005 | ISBN: 0631225684 | 456 pages | PDF | 1,1 MB

Raymond Williams' "Keywords: A Vocabulary of Culture and Society" is justly renowned for its role in providing a whole generation of students and intellectuals with trusty and cogent distillations of the language of cultural studies. First published in 1976, the text played a pivotal role in both academic and public understandings of culture and society and the relations between them. New "Keywords: A Revised Vocabulary of Culture and Society" updates William's classic text by reflecting the transformation in culture and society over the last quarter century. "New Keywords" includes many of William's original entries, but with new discussions of their history and use over the last 25 years. Several other entries encapsulate the practices, institutions, and debates of contemporary society. The editors have assembled an international team of scholars to write from a variety of disciplines and interdisciplinary fields - cultural and media studies, feminism, post-colonial and subaltern studies, the history of science, sociology, gay and lesbian studies. The result is a state-of-the art reference for students, teachers and public intellectuals everywhere.
"We think in words. A careful discussion of the words we use helps us to think more clearly about modern western society. All academic libraries catering for the humanities or social sciences should consider requiring a reference copy, as should those public libraries which still feel their mission is to assist their readers in thinking clearly, rather than just to provide them with entertainment." Martin Guha, King's College London

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