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Скачать Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of World Holidays, Volume 3 бесплатно

Robert H Griffin; Ann H Shurgin, "Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of World Holidays, Volume 3"
UXL 2001 | ISBN-10: 0787639303 | 133 Pages | PDF | 13,7 MB

"...excellent cultural resource on world festivals, holidays, and celebrations...easy to read, with text in a clear, understandable style...pictures are clear, large, and interesting..."
-- Multicultural Review (June 2001) (MultiCultural Review )

"In our shrinking world, it's important for students to acquire knowledge of global customs. This comparative, four-volume guide can help provide such knowledge. This set of reference sources is intended for middle and high school students, but teachers at lower levels will also want to use it as a resource. Highly Recommended."
The Book Report (January/February 2001) (Book Report )

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