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Скачать Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of World Holidays, Volume 2 бесплатно

Robert H Griffin; Ann H Shurgin, "Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of World Holidays, Volume 2"
UXL 2000 | ISBN-10: 078763929X | 147 Pages | PDF | 11,6 MB

Gr 4-8-At first glance, readers may be surprised to find that this set contains only 11 major entries. Each one begins with a history and overview of the holiday (symbols, food, clothing, special observances), followed by sections detailing its celebration in different countries. Boxes and sidebars highlight recipes, games, and additional facts. Though the list of holidays selected may seem narrow, the entries often cover several celebrations grouped thematically. For instance, the "Halloween and Festivals of the Dead" entry includes similar days in China, Japan, Mexico, the U.K., and the U.S., while "Independence Day" details celebrations in five separate countries. Unfortunately, these groupings may give the impression that some holidays are more closely related than they actually are. Most entries also introduce associated celebrations; for example, the "Christmas" entry discusses Epiphany, Boxing Day, the Feast of Saint Nicholas, and Saint Lucia's Day. This set may be useful for libraries that field numerous assignments on the topic, but the fact that the countries highlighted under each holiday appear to have been chosen arbitrarily will limit its use. Average-quality, black-and-white photographs appear throughout the set. Libraries needing a more comprehensive resource are advised to purchase Sue Ellen Thompson's Holiday Symbols (Omnigraphics, 2000).

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