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Скачать Historical Dictionary of France (Historical Dictionaries of Europe) бесплатно

Gino Raymond "Historical Dictionary of France (Historical Dictionaries of Europe)"
The Scarecrow Press, Inc. | English | 2008-10-28 | ISBN: 0810850958 | 480 pages | PDF | 1,3 MB

On a global scale, French culture has been disseminated at the highest level through the protocols of modern diplomacy, at an intellectual level through the dissemination of French ideas on every university campus, and on the level of everyday consumption through the aspirations of fashion designers and restauranteurs to capture the latest trends in couture or cuisine. The "Historical Dictionary of France" has the exceptional merit of distilling from the innumerable manifestations of "French-ness" those characteristics which give the country its unique identity. The book enables the non-specialist reader to understand how perceptions of France have been established abroad, and reminds the specialist reader of the forces that shaped modern France. The "Dictionary" provides invaluable tools such as a comprehensive chronology of French history, a separate guide to the succession of regimes and heads of state in France, and an introductory essay which situates France geographically, politically, economically, and culturally. The introductory essay evokes the challenges which have determined France's past and which will determine its future. Dictionary entries are arranged alphabetically, but were selected to constitute a coherent mosaic. Easy-to-use cross references enable the reader to chart the development of historical strands, from the emergence of creative forces in France embodied in art and literature, to the pursuit of political change that has brought France to its Fifth Republic. With a rich variety of entries supplemented by a well-researched bibliography, the reader is provided with the means to understand the unique combination of factors which make France, a country of modest dimensions, such a disproportionately large influence on the world.

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