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Скачать Pan Dictionary of Famous Quotations бесплатно

Pan Dictionary of Famous Quotations
By Robin Hyman

Publisher: Grange Books | 688 pages | 1993-03 | ISBN: 1856273636 | PDF | 30 MB

The Pan Dictionary of Farnous Qrctations has been planned as a useful and compreiensive work of reference and also as a book which I hope will give pleasure to readers who use it as an anthology. The selwtion of entries, as well as the arrangement in single rather than double column, is intended to encourage the browser in addition to anyone looking up specific quotations. The number of quotationg selected from an author is not" of course, ffiy indication of the author's populariry or literary merit. Some authors, like Pope-and Wilde, wrote in an epigrarnmatic form which lends itself well to quotation; by comparison few novelists, apart from Dickens, have this partictrlar quality. The criterion in selection is what is likely to be lhmiliar to the general reader whose mother tongrre is English. A few quotations ane includd from French,Crerman, Greek, Italian, Latin and Spanish sourms
which seem likely to be known to many readers and in all such cases a translation is given. As well as quotations over one thousand proverbs are included.
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