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Скачать "Aids to Survival" 22nd ed. by Bert O'Meagher бесплатно

"Aids to Survival" 22nd ed. by Bert O'Meagher with Dennis Reid, Ross Harvey
Western Australia Police Academy, Command and Land Operations Unit
WA Police Academy | 2002 | ISBN: 0646363034 | 105 pages | PDF | 5 Mb

Adequate preparation before undertaking a journey or accepting employment in the outback will lessen the chance of jeopardising human life. There have been many cases where loss of life has resulted from a lack of foresight into the problems involved. The book is required reading for several community groups, youth organisations, education institutions and industry trainers.

Originally the book was produced to provide members of the Western Australia Police Service with a locally produced source of reference for use in training and for dissemination to the public.

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