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Скачать The Encyclopedia of Women's Reproductive Cancer бесплатно

Carol Turkington, Mitchell, M.D. Edelson, "The Encyclopedia of Women's Reproductive Cancer"
Facts on File | 2004 | ISBN: 0816050317 | 306 pages | PDF | 1,1 MB

From Booklist
Cancers of the reproductive organs are diagnosed in more than 80,000 women each year. The Encyclopedia of Women's Reproductive Cancer provides basic medical information written at a level accessible to the layperson. Written by a medical writer and a physician, this volume contains about 400 alphabetically arranged entries that range in length from a sentence to several pages.

Topics covered include risk factors (Alcohol, Smoking); types of cancer (Embryonal carcinoma, Ovarian cancer); medical terminology (salpingectomy); treatment (Biological therapy, Chemotherapy); dietary options (Antioxidants, Coenzyme Q10, Phytochemicals); screening tests (Ultrasound scan); drugs (Compazine, Marinol); organizations (Gynecologic Cancer Foundation, Hospice Foundation of America); and support groups (Gilda's Clubs). There is a lengthy appendix that lists clinical trials as of the publication date. (Current clinical trials are available on the National Cancer Institute Web site [http://www.cancer.gov/clinicaltrials], which can be searched by zip code as well as type of cancer.) Other appendixes are "Helpful Organizations" (including Web addresses and telephone numbers), "Cancer Centers," and "Drugs Used to Treat Reproductive Cancers." A glossary and a four-page bibliography (the most recent articles date from 2003) are also included.

The two-volume, proportionately more expensive Gale Encyclopedia of Cancer (2001) is more comprehensive and contains more than 200 illustrations, photographs, and charts. Although the facts in the volume under review are available elsewhere, this book is well organized and provides reliable general information. The lack of any illustrations may be a drawback for some users. Part of the Facts On File Library of Health and Living, this volumes is worthy of consideration for general medical reference sections in public and academic libraries. Nancy Cannon
Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved Product Description
Ovarian cancer is the fifth leading cancer occurring among women in the United States. There are no proven methods of prevention, and it can be a rapidly fatal disease, mainly because it often remains undetected until the cancer has reached an advanced state. The Encyclopedia of Women's Reproductive Cancer covers this and other various forms of cancer known to attack the female reproductive system. More than 400 detailed entries discuss ovarian cancer, Fallopian tube cancer, uterine cancer, and endometrial cancer, among others, and discuss statistics, prevention, symptoms, causes, treatments, and much more.

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