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Скачать The Encyclopedia of Stress And Stress-related Diseases, 2nd Edition бесплатно

Ada P. Kahn, "The Encyclopedia of Stress And Stress-related Diseases, 2nd Edition"
Facts on File | 2006 | ISBN: 1022541 | 1022541 pages | PDF | 1,7 MB

From Booklist
Stress is the human body's internal response to stressors--the feelings, situations, events, and other happenings that occur in our daily existence. Labeled the "epidemic of the eighties" by Time magazine (June 6, 1983), stress became recognized as the top health killer in America. According to more recent information from the American Institute of Stress, it remains a primary leading cause in medical mortalities.

The second edition of The Encyclopedia of Stress and Stress-Related Diseases differs little in format from the first edition. Entries are listed alphabetically. At the end of longer entries are cross-references, bibliographic listings, and, where appropriate, organizations to contact for further information. New entries for stressors relating to technology, the workplace, aging, fear, social situations, and crime have been added. Electronic devices (including cell phones, handheld personal assistants, and messaging systems), Identity theft, Parental after-school stress (PASS), Road rage, and Terrorism are just a few of the new items found here. The entry on Dating has been expanded to include Internet dating. Avian flu, Mad-cow disease, and SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) are covered. Airport screening machines are discussed at length. The appendix and index have been expanded to include the new topics.
Author Kahn explains that "the key to healthy living is how one adapts and copes with everyday and ongoing stressors." Every effort has been made to provide as much information as possible to assist readers in recognizing, defining, and coping with twenty-first-century stressors and stress. This concise encyclopedia is suitable for general readers and professionals working in related fields and is recommended for consumer-health collections in academic and public libraries. Ann Cohen

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