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Скачать Clinical Manual of Total Cardiovascular Risk бесплатно

Neil R. Poulter "Clinical Manual of Total Cardiovascular Risk"
Publisher: Springer 2008 | 88 Pages | ISBN: 1848002521 | PDF | 1.7 MB

The etiology of coronary heart disease and stroke has been known for decades to be multifactorial - an increasing risk of both CHD and stroke has been shown to have a graded continuous relationship with rising BP and total cholesterol across the whole BP and cholesterol ranges. The coexistance of other risk factors, such as smoking, obesity and age, has been shown to result in a dramatically increased risk. Alongside the numerous risk factors themselves, there is an ever increasing number of papers published aiming to stratify the risk factors. With an also increasing number of guidelines published, there is the need to simplify all of these data into a simple manual. "Clinician's Manual of Total Cardiovascular Risk" provides rapid answers to common clinical questions relating to cardiovascular risk. Taking a guidelines-driven approach, the author has simplified the vast number of clinical choices available to the physician who needs to assess their patient for cardiovascular risk.





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