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Скачать The e-Government Imperative бесплатно

The e-Government Imperative
OECD e-Government Studies
OECD | 2003 | ISBN: 9264101197| 199 pages | PDF | 5 Mb

E-government is more about government than about "e". The spread of new information and communication technologies has spurred major changes at all levels of society and notably in citizen expectations.

Governments have also been integrating those technologies into work practices to keep pace and enhance the policy outcomes, service quality, and responsiveness to citizens that determine their effectiveness. E-government initiatives can bolster government effectiveness in important ways like facilitating cross-agency cooperation on complex problems, fostering a customer focus for services, and building relationships with private sector partners. Delay in implementing e-government reforms can thus handicap economic development in this increasingly competitive, rapidly changing world.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Objectives, Scope, and Context
Chapter 2. The Case for E-Government
Chapter 3. External Barriers to E-Government
Chapter 4. Implementing E-Government
Chapter 5. Conclusions and Future Challenges
Annex 1. Glossary
Annex 2. E-Government Statistics
Annex 3. ICT Diffusion and the Digital Divide

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