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Скачать Gale Encyclopedia of Everyday Law (repost) бесплатно

Gale Encyclopedia of Everyday Law
Thomson Gale | 2002-11 | ISBN: 078765759X | 1259 pages | PDF | 4,1 MB

This work is designed for the layperson who wants background information about legal issues and procedures that affect our everyday lives. It is not a dictionary, although it includes a glossary, and it is not a do-it-yourself legal guide. Approximately 200 articles provide historical information, brief descriptions of relevant federal laws and regulations, variations in state and some local laws, directions to print and electronic sources of additional information, and contact details for potentially useful national and state organizations and agencies.

The articles are arranged in alphabetical order within broad categories, such as "Attorneys," "Consumer Issues," "Education," "Immigration," "Real Estate," and "Taxes." Some sections are surprisingly brief, while others are rather comprehensive. First Amendment Law merits only 3 pages, while Healthcare gets 70 and Internet gets 60. There is some unevenness in writing and editing. The article on international travel, for example, has several grammatical errors and still shows $400 as the maximum value of foreign-acquired goods to bring back duty-free. Otherwise, most of the information provided seems to be useful, and the editor offers the caveat to verify current status of laws and regulations and Web addresses.

Under Attorneys, there are suggestions for finding a good lawyer--and guidance regarding malpractice! The Automobiles entries include the basics for buying and leasing a vehicle, recommendations regarding insurance, and information on safety requirements (including seatbelts and child restraints). Immigration offers background material on asylum, deportation, and dual citizenship. Real estate provides the expected information on buying and selling property but includes sections on renters' liability, time-shares, and zoning as well. The section on Taxes explains how corporate and personal income taxes are structured, spells out what might be involved in an IRS audit, and shows sales tax rates by state. The index points to specific pages, but most users will find the comprehensive table of contents and the general arrangement by broad topic the easier way to find what they need.

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