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Скачать Society at a Glance 2009. OECD Social Indicators бесплатно

Society at a Glance 2009. OECD Social Indicators
OECD | 2009 | ISBN: 9264056879 | 135 pages | PDF | 10 Mb

This report attempts to satisfy the growing demand for quantitative evidence on social well-being and its trends. It adds some new ones, including indicators of height, perceived health status, risky youth behaviour and bullying.

Report providing internationally comparable data on demography and family characteristics, employment and wealth, mobility and housing, health status, social expenditure, subjective well-being, social cohesion, and other social measures. Included are such interesting variables as suicides, child care costs, prisoners, gender wage gaps, and mothers in employment.

Society at a Glance 2009 contributes to addressing two questions:
Compared with their own past and with other OECD countries, what progress have countries made in their social development?
How effective have been the actions of society in furthering social development?

Addressing the first societal progress question requires indicators covering a broad range of social outcomes across countries and time. As social development requires improvements in health, education, and economic resources, as well as a stable basis for social interactions, indicators have to be found for all these dimensions.

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