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Скачать OECD Regions at a Glance 2009 бесплатно

OECD Regions at a Glance 2009
OECD | 2009 | ISBN: 9264056114 | 198 pages | PDF | 6 Mb

This book analyses and compares major territorial patterns and regional trends across OECD countries and presents over 30 indicators in a reader-friendly format. This edition provides the latest comparable data and trends across regions in OECD countries, including a special focus on the spatial dimension for innovation.

This publication provides a dynamic link (StatLink) for each graph and map.

The book assesses the impact of regions on national growth. It identifies unused resources that can be mobilised to improve regional competitiveness. And it tackles more intangible factors that can make the difference: it shows how regions compete in terms of well-being (access to higher education, health services, safety etc.). Each indicator is illustrated by graphs and maps.

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