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Скачать Chet Marchwinski, John Shoo – Lean Lexicon: A Graphical Glossary for Lean Thinkers бесплатно

Chet Marchwinski, John Shoo – Lean Lexicon: A Graphical Glossary for Lean Thinkers
Lean Enterprise Institute | ISBN: 0966784367 | 2006-09 | PDF | 112 pages | 18.50 Mb

With help from the Lean Community, we made the new Third Edition of the Lean Lexicon even more valuable and useful. Starting with improvement ideas from Community members like you, we researched and added 21 definitions to the latest edition of this popular and indispensable reference book.

The expanded Third Edition, featuring 58 illustrations, defines 187 key lean terms from A3 Report to Yokoten. The new definitions include Lean Consumption and Lean Provision, the groundbreaking ideas on using lean principles to build a new producer-consumer model described in Lean Solutions by James Womack and Daniel Jones. True to the
Lexicon's description as a "graphical glossary," we included consumption and provision maps.

Here's the complete list of new terms:
* Genchi Genbutsu
* Hansei
* Jishuken
* Lean Consumption Maps
* Lean Provision
* Quality Function Deployment
* Shojinka
* Six Sigma
* Theory of Constraints
* Total Quality Management
* Yokoten
* Group Leaders
* Isolated Islands
* Lean Consumption
* Lean Provision Maps
* Preventive Maintenance
* Resident Engineer
* Quality Control Circle
* Team Leader
* Total Quality Control
* Work Element
The new edition retains past improvement ideas from readers, such as the simple, one-page guide to pronouncing Japanese terms.

Unlike most other business glossaries in print or online, the Lexicon is focused exclusively on lean thinking. It also makes abundant use of illustrations and examples, and was compiled with input from managers and engineers who are implementing lean.

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