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Скачать Encyclopedia of Bioethics (5 Volume Set) (Repost) бесплатно

Encyclopedia of Bioethics (5 Volume Set)
Publisher: MacMillan Reference | ISBN: 0028657748 | edition 2003 | PDF | 3145 pages | 13,5 mb

*Starred Review* When the first edition of the Encyclopedia of Bioethics appeared in 1978, the discipline was new and relatively undefined. The second edition, in 1995, kept pace with the rapid changes in the field. Continuing advances in biological and medical research have created the need for yet another edition. Bioethics has become a recognized field, "the interdisciplinary examination of the moral and ethical dimensions of human conduct in the areas of life sciences and health care." With such a broad, rapidly changing subject area to cover, editor Post (Department of Bioethics, School of Medicine, Case Western Reserve University) has assembled an international group of more than 500 scholars from 18 major disciplines-- behavioral sciences, medicine, economics, ecology, philosophy, religion, and so on--to write 448 articles. The third edition has 120 new articles, among them Artificial nutrition and hydration, Bioterrorism, Cloning, Cybernetics, Dementia, Managed care, and Nanotechnology. Some 200 articles have been extensively revised, and 100 additional articles have new bibliographies. The alphabetical entries address a wide range of topics that raise difficult and important questions. Abortion, genetic screening, female genital mutilation, the right to die, health issues of immigration, and corporate responsibility are but a few. The contributors discuss the issues from many points of view.


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