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Скачать Perennials: The Gardener's Reference бесплатно

Susan Carter, Carrie Becker, Bob Lilly, "Perennials: The Gardener's Reference"
Timber Press, Inc | 2007 | ISBN: 0881928208 | 536 pages | PDF | 12,1 MB

Beginning gardeners, seasoned experts, and green-industry professionals will turn to this book again and again for authoritative information gained from years of first-hand experience.

The gardening world is constantly being invigorated by plant introductions, and the Pacific Northwest is arguably one of the premier horticultural landscapes. Hailing from Seattle, the expert authors are perfectly placed to guide novices, professionals, and hopeless hortoholics looking for hot new plants. This appealing compendium of nearly 3,000 plant entries offers engrossing, high-spirited commentary to help in selecting and caring for vast arrays of species and cultivated varieties. Background information accompanies cultural advice, helping to take the mystery out of cultivating herbaceous blooming beauties, semievergreen selections rising from rhizomes, vigorous ground covers, and dramatic foliage specimens. And easy-to-follow charts aid in the understanding of Anemones and other such large genera. Common names, plant sources, and recommended reading complete entries from Acaena to Zantedeschia, making this exceptional resource a must-have for library collections.
- Alice Joyce

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