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Скачать Tempting Tropicals: 175 Irresistible Indoor Plants бесплатно

Ellen Zachos, "Tempting Tropicals: 175 Irresistible Indoor Plants"
Timber Press, Inc | 2005 | ISBN: 0881927325 | 328 pages | PDF | 5,6 MB

Gardeners living in the country's warmest regions can grow and enjoy tropical plants as they please, but in most areas, they are only grown seasonally. Zachos, a zealous collector with an encompassing knowledge, provides a comprehensive growers' guide that shows the way to cultivating tropicals indoors so that one can enjoy the delightful fragrances and exotic beauty year-round. A well-rounded reference, the book conveys all the necessary practical information relating to feeding, care, growth cycles, and light and moisture requirements along with troubleshooting for pesky insects and vexing diseases. Mainly, Zachos introduces a wealth of wonderful specimens to consider, giving a concise description of each species, its requirements for culture, and propagation tips. Accompanied by color photographs, entries include something for every taste, from oddly alluring species to dramatic, architectural selections and beguiling flowers. Alice Joyce

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