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Скачать The CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics бесплатно

Eric W. Weisstein, "The CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics"
CRC Press | 1998 | ISBN: 0849396409 | 1969 pages | CHM | 43,5 MB

This detailed, comprehensive encyclopedia provides an accessible presentation of usable information for mathematics, physics, biochemistry, chemistry, biophysics, and engineering. Each article in the book presents a definition, formula, illustration, and bibliographic information for complete technical references - emphasizing readability for a wide audience.
I cannot praise the work too highly: Its vast scope and readability make the encyclopedia a great success. -- Robert Dickau

Impressive...I found it very interesting and spent time reading about a variety of topics for which I had very little background or knowledge...A valuable source of information... -- W.E. Schiesser, Lehigh University

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