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Скачать Encyclopedia of Educational Psychology бесплатно

Encyclopedia of Educational Psychology
Publisher: Rolf A. Janke | ISBN: 978 1412916882 | 2008 | PDF | 1120 pages | 10.1 Mb

Educational psychology is a special field of endeavor because it strives to apply what is known about many different disciplines to the broad process of education. In the most general terms, you can expect to find top-
ics in this area that fall into the categories of human learning and development (across the life span), motivation, measurement and statistics, and curriculum and teaching. More specifically, the educational psychologist studies such topics as aggression, the rela-tionship between poverty and achievement in schools, lifelong learning, quantitative methods, and emerging adulthood. Educational psychology is truly a diverse and fascinating field of study and unlike other social and behavioral sciences. Its significance for applica-tion to the real needs of both children and adults cannot be overestimated.

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