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Скачать Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century African History бесплатно

Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century African History
Publisher: Routledge | ISBN: 0415234794 | edition 2002 | PDF | 656 pages | 3,71 mb

The focus of this dictionary-style work is the past century of African history, covering decades of tremendous change, including resistance to colonial rule and the reestablishment of African independence. Global forces that had an impact on the continent are also considered. An article, for example, on the cold war details the effect of the conflict between the U.S and USSR on Africa. Although the emphasis is clearly the twentieth century, entries place their topics in context: the long article on Christianity considers the churches established in Egypt in the first centuries after Christ as well as the nineteenth-century missionary movements before considering modern developments. Articles on Islam, Arabic language, and slavery are similarly contextual. The scope includes North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.

Articles range from 600 words for briefer treatments of some 58 cities up to 4,000 words on major themes such as Agrarian change, Decolonization, and Health and disease. In the midrange are overviews of regions, countries, and language groups and entries on specific topics such as Migrant labor and Transport. A useful thematic entry list in the fore matter groups entries into 15 categories so the reader can see related articles. The index is very important because many topics are addressed only within larger articles. There are no biographical entries; even well-known current or historical figures such as Nelson Mandela or Julius Nyerere are mentioned in the text as appropriate to the topic but have no separate entries. One must use the index to find discussions related to women because there is no overview essay. Entries are accompanied by cross-references and suggestions for further reading, including many very recent publications. A map of the continent and perhaps a time line of major events would have been nice additions.

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