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Скачать Great American Lawyers: An Encyclopedia (2 Volumes) бесплатно

Great American Lawyers: An Encyclopedia (2 Volumes)
Publisher: ABC-Clio | ISBN: 1576072029 | edition 2001 | PDF | 820 pages | 3,68 mb

Vile (political science, Middle Tennessee State Univ.) here offers lively profiles of 110 prominent trial lawyers, both living and dead. Contributed by political scientists, historians, and attorneys, the well-written profiles are three to nine pages in length and detail the upbringing of the attorneys, how they entered the law, and their significant cases. In addition, Vile adds colorful vignettes, as when Houston criminal attorney Percy Foreman is reported to have observed, "My fee is my client's punishment." The essays, which are accompanied by photographs, place the attorneys in historical context and offer suggestions for further reading. Sidebars describe less famous practitioners with the same flair. The book's appendixes list the lawyers by year of birth, nation or state of birth, law school, and place of practice and list questions about the lawyers' careers. Entertaining and informative, this work is recommended for public and academic libraries. Harry Charles, Attorney at Law, St. Louis

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