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Скачать Exploring Polar Frontiers: A Historical Encyclopedia бесплатно

Exploring Polar Frontiers: A Historical Encyclopedia
Publisher: ABC-CLIO | ISBN: 1576074226 | edition 2003 | PDF | 797 pages | 20,59 mb

This encyclopedia covers the entire history of Arctic and Antarctic exploration, from the voyage to Pytheas ca. 325 BC to the present. From Pytheas's 4th century voyage to the North sea to Jeri Nielsen's battle with self-diagnosed breast cancer in Antarctica in 1999, the history of our quest to conquer the poles is filled with tales of courage, adventure, tragedy and triumph. Features of the encyclopedia include: 500 A-Z biographical, geographical and subject entries on Arctic and Antarctic exploration such as the Polar Sea and Elephant Island and major explorers such as Jane Franklin and Richard Byrd; alphabetical chronology of expeditions; illustrations such as woodcuts showing travel methods, man-hauling and Lady Franklin; maps of areas including the Arctic, Antarctic and New Siberian Islands; and photographs of places including the Antarctic Peninsula, the Hudson Bay and the Endurance crushed by ice.

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