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Скачать The Encyclopedia of Positive Psychology бесплатно

The Encyclopedia of Positive Psychology
Publisher: Wiley | Pages: 1160 | 2009-02-09 | ISBN 1405161256 | PDF | 6 MB

Positive psychology, the pursuit of understanding optimal human functioning, is reshaping the scholarly and public views of how we see the science of psychology. The Encyclopedia of Positive Psychology provides a comprehensive and accessible summary of this growing area of scholarship and practice.

* 288 specially commissioned entries written by 150 leading international researchers, educators, and practitioners in positive psychology
* covers topics of interest across all social sciences as well as business and industry
* the most current, extensive, and accessible treatment of the subject available
* topical primer clarifies basic constructs and processes associated with positive psychology
* will be useful to students, teachers, practitioners, businesspeople, and policy makers

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