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Скачать The Encyclopedia of Rural America: The Land and People (2 Volume Set) бесплатно

The Encyclopedia of Rural America: The Land and People (2 Volume Set) By Grey House Publishing
Publisher: Grey House Publishing 2008-07 | 1341 Pages | ISBN: 1592371159 | PDF | 9.9 MB

The Encyclopedia of Rural America was well received when first published in 1997. To say that a great deal has happened since then that affects rural life and culture is one of those vast understatements that hardly require mentioning. The introduction points out some of the changes from the first edition. There is a new section of primary documents consisting of articles, speeches, and book chapters. More than 73 entries are completely new, and others have been updated. The volumes have standard encyclopedia characteristics, with signed articles with bibliographies and see also references, a comprehensive index, and contributors drawn from a wide range of places and fields. Other features include a time line of important events and a lengthy bibliography that is independent of those that follow the entries. One oddity is several pages of advertisements for books by this publisher after the index but before a series of maps displaying data on rural issues. A new topic that receives major focus in this edition is Disaster preparedness and mitigation, with related articles on Department of Homeland Security and rural America, Emergency management professionals, and Terrorism. Another is Substance abuse, with a related article on Methamphetamine use, which is more of an issue in rural than urban environments. Coverage of Migrant agricultural workers has been updated to reflect changes in ethnic groups and in the laws that govern workers. Other new or dramatically updated entries are Organic farming; Solar energy; Tourism, ecotourism; and Wind energy. Migration now covers migration into as well as out of rural areas. As was the case when this source first appeared, there is little else readily available on this topic. The information is relevant to researchers in both urban and rural libraries. Recommended for academic and large public libraries. --Danise HooverTeresa R. Faust - Library Journal
The word rural tends to foster thoughts of either idyll or inconvenience, depending on one's inclination. To sociologists, however, rural is a factor of geography and population density influencing the human condition, for better and for worse. This work attempts to examine what "rurality" can mean for the 20 percent of Americans living in rural areas. Grey House, primarily a publisher of directories, updates this work originally published in 1997 by ABC-CLIO (LJ1/98). There are more than 300 multipaged articles, signed, cross-referenced, and ending with a list of references. Most retain their content from the first edition, with a small amount of new material added. More substantial updating is evident in the form of articles new to this edition. Those on Department of Homeland Security and rural America, rural emergency response and recovery, and terrorism speak to the post-9/11 world. Pressing energy concerns are addressed in entries on solar and wind energy. Entries on HIV/AIDS, methamphetamine use, and substance abuse address problems previously ignored in rural settings. New entries on tourism and ecotourism, rural preservation, sustainable development, and water policy speak to current economic issues. Also new to this edition is a collection of articles, book excerpts, and speeches addressing "visions of rural America." Those seeking information on specific states will be disappointed because no state-specific entries or data tables are featured. A group of seven figures-each made up of a color-coded map of the United States-seems to be a last-minute addition, found at the end of the second volume after more than 20 pages of publisher advertisements andblank pages. The figures do not appear to be referenced anywhere, and they are too small to be very useful.






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