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Скачать Genetics (Encyclopedia of Genetics 4 Volume) - Reupload бесплатно


Genetics (Encyclopedia of Genetics 4 Volume)
Publisher: Gacl | ISBN:0028656067 | 2002-12 | PDF + DJVU| 1144 pages | 73.2 MB | rapidshare&Megaupload

This encyclopedia set, part of the Macmillan Science Library series, is intended for use by middle- and high-school students, college nonspecialists, and beginning researchers. More than 100 contributors are responsible for approximately 250 signed entries from Accelerated aging: Progeria to Zebrafish. Articles range from a few paragraphs to a few pages in length and focus on a variety of topics, including inheritance, genes and chromosomes, genetic diseases, biotechnology, history, careers, and the ethical, legal, and social issues associated with genetically modified foods and cloning. The entries appear in alphabetical order and include cross-references to related entries. Most have a list of suggested readings and Internet resources to examine for further information.

Each volume begins with a complete table of contents as well as a "For Your Reference" section that includes a group of diagrams and illustrations to help students visualize the various structures related to DNA and RNA. Words that appear in bold in the text are defined in the page margins and collected in a glossary at the conclusion of each volume. Each volume also includes a topical outline and an index, and volume 4 includes a cumulate index as well.

The attractive layout features a wealth of colorful diagrams and photographs that will appeal to students as well as the casual browser. The clear and well-written articles are informative and should meet the needs of most students. In addition, users will appreciate the thorough indexing and cross-referencing, which make navigation straightforward. Though it has more extensive coverage, World of Genetics [RBB Je 1 & 15 02] lacks suggested readings at the end of each entry and is not as attractively designed. It is aimed at the high-school level and up, while Encyclopedia of Genet ics (Salem, 1999) is designed for use by undergraduates and others with a general understanding of science. Genetics would be a useful resource for middle- and high-school libraries as well as undergraduate and public libraries.

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