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Скачать Encyclopedia of Genetics (Reupload) бесплатно

Encyclopedia of Genetics

Encyclopedia of Genetics 4 Volume
Publisher: Salem Press | ISBN: 1587651491 | Revised edition- 2004 | PDF | 863 Pages | 8.8 MB | rapidshare

Grade 7 Up–A telling sign of how rapidly the field of genetics is changing, this edition of a work published just five years ago is 40 percent longer, and of its 226 articles, all but a scant handful have been revised or are totally new. They are alphabetically arranged, open with quick overviews, close with plenty of see references and updated reading lists, and are supplemented by occasional side essays and six appendixes–notably, a biographical dictionary and an annotated list of Web sites. Topics range from "Cell Division" and "Race" to "Emerging Diseases," "Biological Clocks," and "Bioinformatics." The slant on controversial issues is clearly pro-science; the hazards of "Genetically Modified (GM) Foods," for instance, are not addressed in detail, and the "public uproar" over them is characterized as an "overreaction." Illustrated with just a scattering of charts, diagrams, and black-and-white photos, but covering an immense range of subjects in sufficient detail to engage serious students, this set will not only make a significant addition to deeper collections, but contains enough new material to justify replacing its predecessor.

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