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Скачать Brian Carr - Companion Encyclopedia Of Asian Philosophy бесплатно

Brian Carr - Companion Encyclopedia Of Asian Philosophy
Routledge | 1997 | ISBN: 041503535X | Pages: 1136 | PDF | 5.86 MB

The Companion Encyclopedia of Asian Philosophy is a unique one-volume reference work which will make a broad range of richly varied philosophical, ethical and theological traditions accessible to a wide audience. The Encyclopedia is divided into 6 sections, each of which covers a specific tradition within Asian philosophy including Zoroastrian or Persian, Indian, Buddhist, Chinese, Japanese and Islamic. Within each section the chapters cover such important areas as origins of the tradition, approaches to logic and language, positions on morals and society as well as histories of the lives of influential thinkers. In addition, the final chapter of each section provides unique coverage of current trends in each.

The individual essays as well as the structure of this volume allow the reader to compare and contrast the philosophies of these cultures as well as understand the ways in which the cultures have shaped and been shaped by philosophical understanding. It is possible, for example, to relate the ways in which Buddhist philosophy has developed in India, Tibet, China, South-East Asia and Japan.

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