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Скачать Encyclopedia of Prisoners of War and Internment бесплатно

Encyclopedia of Prisoners of War and Internment
Publisher: ABC-Clio | ISBN: 1576070689 | edition 2000 | CHM | 408 pages | 1.32 mb

The editor, a history professor at the University of Western Ontario, has written other books and articles on the topic.
The contributors include scholars as well as former prisoners.The more than 200 signed, alphabetically arranged entries are well written. They cover conflicts, people, specific camps, living conditions, escape attempts, commissions and trials, laws, and depictions in television and film (Hogan's Heroes, Stalag 17 ). Additional topics include disease in POW camps, reparations, and individuals and organizations that have sought to alleviate suffering. Most entries are one or two pages but a few (e.g., Liberation, Rations, Roman world) are longer. Coverage begins in ancient times and ends with the 1998-1999 Kosovo War.Each entry concludes with see also references and a few bibliographical citations, including Web sites. The general bibliography is divided by categories such as "Vietnam War" and "Women." Four documents from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries on POW treatment add to the work's value. The index lists only page references (35 under Geneva convention of 1929, more than 40 under labor ), which is not helpful to those trying to pull together information on broad topics. Otherwise, this is a carefully constructed and well-written work that will be useful to public and academic libraries for many years.
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