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Скачать Space Exploration Reference Library бесплатно

Rob Nagel and Peggy Saari "Space Exploration Reference Library"
Publisher: Gale | PDF | English | 2004 | 1015 pages | 5 Volumes Total 17 MB | ISBN: 0787692085 | 5% Recovery Record

New and Updated Link 16th April 2009

In its now familiar Reference Library format, UXL presents a middle-school resource on space exploration. The two-volume Space Exploration: Almanac component has 14 chapters averaging 22 pages in length and covering topics such as "Rocketry in Warfare," "Manned Spaceflight Begins," "Space Shuttles," and "Ground-Based Observatories." The third volume, Space Exploration: Biographies, profiles individuals (Buzz Aldrin, Mae Jemison, H. G. Wells), but readers will also find articles on the Hubble Space Telescope and the International Space Station. Space Exploration: Primary Sources has 15 chapters that extract and explain content from materials ranging from Jules Verne's From Earth to the Moon to George W. Bush's January 14, 2004, remarks on space exploration. Chapters in all four volumes conclude with a list of print and Internet resources to consult for additional information.

Like other titles in the Reference Library line, Space Exploration is filled with aids for the student. A time line, glossary, list of "Research and Activity Ideas," and general bibliography are repeated in each volume. Chapters in the Almanac have their own lists of "Words to Know," and in Primary Sources, terms that may be unfamiliar are defined in the page margins. Sidebars and black-and-white photographs provide additional information and break up the text. In addition to volume indexing, there is a separate cumulative index.

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