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Скачать Encyclopedia of the American Revolution, 2nd Edition бесплатно

Harold E. Selesky "Encyclopedia of the American Revolution, 2nd Edition"
Charles Scribner's Sons | 2006-05-05 | ISBN: 0684315130 | 1380 pages | PDF | 31 MB

This 3-volume set is a major revision of a classic in the field, one that has remained in print since its appearance in 1966, The Encyclopedia of the American Revolution by Mark M. Boatner. This A-Z ready-reference dictionary is the essential source for all military aspects of the American Revolutionary War in the period 1763-1783. One-third of the entries are biographical, while the rest cover campaigns and strategy, battles, skirmishes, naval actions, weaponry, political issues and events, popular legends, and the participation of the European powers.

This edition includes new articles on: the Frontier; Violence; Mobilization; Religion; Women; African Americans, and Historiography, along with many topics of current interest to historians. Also included in the Encyclopedia is an update of Boatner's Landmarks of the American Revolution. This state-by-state guide skillfully demonstrates the "power of places."

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