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Скачать The Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Marketing (Response Books) бесплатно

Kaleem Mohammad Khan, Mohammed Naved Khan "The Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Marketing (Response Books)"
Sage Publications Pvt. Ltd | 2006-11-30 | ISBN: 0761935010 | 328 pages | PDF | 1,5 MB

In the dynamic field of marketing, new terms, concepts, and techniques are emerging everyday. Keeping track of them is very difficult, if not impossible. This dictionary serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding marketing, its lexicon, and their usage. Marketing is discussed in all its dimensions, going beyond just the meaning of words to their etymology, nuances, and current significance.

This invaluable reference tool covers more than 5,000 terms, concepts, theories, methods and techniques from the fields of:
General marketing
Consumer behavior
Sales promotion
Sales management
International marketing
Services marketing

Examples, illustrations, figures, and charts have been provided in order to better explain some of the terms. Lucidly written, this encyclopaedic dictionary will serve as a source of ready reference for all those in the area of marketing including students, research scholars, teachers, managers and marketing consultants.

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